Game-Changing: Thermal Mapping Using TeAx Technology.

Finally on the market: Homogeneous stitching for thermal mapping

TeAx Technology, an innovative drone tech company focusing also on thermal drone solutions, is now providing a smart way of stitching thermal images. Why this has been an issue so far – explained and made transparent in the following.

The problem: Shutter events to perform flat-field-correction (FFC event)

“When it comes down to thermal imaging, people often use the term “FFC event” or “shutter event”. They refer back to the so called “flat-field-correction” (FFC) process, a process to re-calibrate a thermal core while using it.”, Stefan Thamke, CEO of TeAx Technology, explains. And he continues, “This method is extremely helpful to make sure, thermal data remain within a defined range of temperatures”.

As useful as the FFC event is, it also provides a challenge for all, who aim for accurate thermal mapping – without temperature changes due to shutter / FFC event, which partly leads to wrong results. For all, who want and have to achieve homogeneous stitching results for thermal mapping, TeAx Technology now offers the solution for that.

The solution: Right hardware and right post-processing

“We at TeAx Technology received so many requests from clients all over the world, facing unprecise thermal maps after they have been stitching raw thermal data”, Stefan Thamke, recaps.

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Drone Thermal Cameras – what to choose when

„I want to use thermal imaging technology on my drone. Now, what would be the best thermal camera I should be using? What is the difference between a Flir Vue, Flir Vue Pro, Tau 2 VPC, Tau 2 ThermalCapture or TC MiniAV?“

From a technical perspective, we at TeAx Technology created on overview to provide answers to that. In our matrix, we consider and compare technical features but also hard facts, such as weight, size and resolutions.

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How thermal cameras can support fire-fighters

Firefighters deployed their latest cutting-edge technology to help them tackle a seven-storey blaze in Manchester city centre:

Source: By Keely Lockhart, video source Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service